Our Core Focus


Cypress Pines Asia Advisory (CPAA) has been setup from day one to specialise in providing professional accounting and business advice to medical practitioners, removing the tedious burden of managing the books in order to give them the time and energy to focus on what THEY want to do. 


Without spending what precious time and effort left after a hard day of surgery or in consultations - CPAA ensures that the mundane but necessary part of running the business is taken care of, so that time can be spent on the finer things in life. 

Travelling the world, dining at the most exclusive restaurants in the world, golfing, diving or just simply spending time with loved ones and family - this is how your time should be spent.  Not wondering, whether if the GST filing is in order or whether they have met all statutory requirements as directors and owners of the business. Leave that to CPAA. 

Having worked with numerous medical practitioners across a range of different disciplines, CPAA has accumulated a vast amount of respect and understanding of the healthcare industry.  From one professional to another - you can trust us. 



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